Touch driven,
Eyes-free / Ear-free
Safe navigation for cyclists
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Did you know ?

Touch is the

1st sense we develop @8weeks

Yet it represents only

1% of our daily use of our senses

We make great use of it
to provide cyclist with better, safer,
touch-based navigation

The Aureax Wristband


Learn to navigate using
touch in only a few


Keep your eyes and ears
focused on what matters:
Your safety


Wear research grade
high-tech hardware
at your wrist

How does it work ?

- Coming soon -

Our gear is still work in progress

but you'll soon be able to check it out

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Keep your drivers safe

Improve customer's perception of
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Stay safe

Stay focused on what matters

Hassle free navigation

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Julien Decaudin

Thomas Pietrzak
Scientific Advisor